Z/S "ASB Fabrika"
Sidrabenes pag.,
Ozolnieku nov.,

Tel. +371 63085488

About us

The company was established in 1992 as Z/S “Ģinguļi”. In the very beginning the economic activity of the company was oriented on the field of agriculture. In 1998 in collaboration with experts of natural pharmacy company “Fitosan”, we worked out a recipe of dog food that provides a balanced and tasty nutrition for an acceptable price. In 1999 on Latvian market appeared our nutrition “Kārums”. At this moment we offer two types of complete nutrition for dogs:” Kārums Standarts” and “Kārums Delikatese” , in the basement of which are cereals, meat, bone meal, cod-liver oil and other valuable components.

In the end of 2004 the name of the company was changed to “ASB Fabrika”. At this moment the company works in three main directions: production of dog food, packing of dry non-productive domestic animal nutrition and trade.

We care about the environment and its resources!

Some, in outward appearance, insignificant changes in the work of the company make a great investment in caring the environment and long-term outlooks of development of the company. Z/S “ASB Fabrika” constantly works on improving of its activities and effective usage of economic resources. We have been working hard on applying modern methods of efficiency in order to rationalize our and environmental resources with an outlook for the future.

Our improvements

Here are some of simple examples our company made in order to improve its work and take care of resources effective use:

1. The territory of the company is organized according to esthetic and sanitary demands and is cleaned regularly.
2. In 2005 was built the system of the central heating, where wood-shaving granules are used as fuel. A special system of heating regulation provides savings of fuel bio masses.
3. In 2005 and 2007 the company changed cars for fuel saving ones, pollutant emissions of which are in accordance with EUR4 and EUR5 demands.
4. Since 2007 till 2009 there was held a modernization of electro and control systems, what improved economical consumption of electric energy as well.
5. In 2008 was rebuilt and modernized heat-generator for the production necessities. There was used diesel oil till that moment, but after the modernization heat-generator works on wood processing products.
6. In 2009 Z/S”ASB Fabrika” changed their old non-economical diesel fuel loader for a modern power saving electric loader.