For corporative clients and extra facilities

Z/S “ASB Fabrika” is a small company working in three main directions:

production of dry nutrition for dogs;
repacking of pet-food;
retailing in the company stores.


We offer you to collaborate with us:

selling wholesale our nutrition for dogs at acceptable prices;
production of your nutrition for domestic animals by your recipe and under your brand;
if you represent a store or a veterinary drugstore, we offer a supply and delivery of a wide range of nutrition, dietary supplements and accessories;

packing of your nutrition;
we lease out a storage space 450 m2 and 300 m2 in Ozolnieki, Jelgava region.

Packing of nutrition for non-productive domestic animals

Z/S “ASB Fabrika” offers an extra facility of nutrition packing in smaller packages. We can offer you our materials for packages and manufacture the necessary labels. Mostly we work with 0.25 kg, 0.5 kg and 1 kg packages.

We have a wide experience in this field and earned recognition and trust of our clients due to high quality of the offered facilities, individual approach, and elastic price policy, especially tolerant for those, who are interested in packing in smaller amounts.

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